Tiny Vegan Kitchen : Thanksgiving Dinner

Cruelty-free thanksgiving dinner prepared in the tiny vegan kitchen. Full recipes and details at www.tinyvegankitchen.com

Duration : 0:9:1

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25 Responses to “Tiny Vegan Kitchen : Thanksgiving Dinner”

  • patrick10001 says:

    wft was that …
    wft was that baseball?

  • xtinmancamx says:

    it’s not better for …
    it’s not better for the animals. those animals are going to be killed anyway. sorry to burst your vegan shelter bubble. I respect your dedication and awareness for the health of nature, though.

  • porcelaincougar says:

    Thank goodness for …
    Thank goodness for the Pillsbury dough boy!
    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  • lindseythelush says:

    How gourmet is …
    How gourmet is uncle bens rice? LOL

  • Carmarthan415 says:

    I love how you put …
    I love how you put water in the pan…. very boyscout!

  • Carmarthan415 says:

    oval-lacto …
    oval-lacto vegetarian

  • jjbjorn says:

    thanks for posting …
    thanks for posting this video! Lots of great ideas!

  • JasonDamisch says:

    Yummy 4 my tummy!
    Yummy 4 my tummy!

  • xxMCRxrawkxx says:

    that tofurky looked …
    that tofurky looked dry n jst plain ew!!

  • itouchroses says:

    A Vegetarian
    A Vegetarian

  • rara03p says:

    i duno that tofurky …
    i duno that tofurky doesnt look to appetizing

  • patrick10001 says:

    what was that thing?
    what was that thing?

  • CUCProductions says:

    what do you call a …
    what do you call a cheese-eating, egg-eating, milk-drinking vegetarian?

  • RobertsDigital says:

    where the f*k is …
    where the f*k is the turkey? I want turkey, turkey turkey..great video anyway you made me hungry tho…

  • somewherehot1 says:

    I’m not even a …
    I’m not even a Vegan and I thought this look good. Well done – John Powell

  • marisaanns says:

    I’m not 100% sure, …
    I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t believe Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are vegan. I don’t have a package in front of me or anything, but I would imagine that there is some sort of dairy product in them.

  • deathrowdog says:

    Thankyou….. …
    Thankyou…..delicoius!! 🙂

  • 56789fghjk says:


  • DancingAngelicR says:

    Yummmy, I so enjoy …
    Yummmy, I so enjoy and I’m appreciative of your website. Thank you for this wonderful video. I posted it on a blog of mine. Blessings.

  • adriandoher says:

    i was skeptic at …
    i was skeptic at first (about the tofurkey) but the finished product looked delish! i wish they sold tofurkey in Honduras 🙁

  • 610249 says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for posting. Now I have something to take to me meat eating family on Thanksgiving!

  • hluiscp says:

    How is it better …
    How is it better for the person and the enviroment? Exluding the seasonal overproduction of turkey. Does it contain high and efficient amount of Amino Acids including L-trypto? Does it cointain soy and wheat? Thanks!

  • VeganMamaCooks says:

    Thanks! Great …
    Thanks! Great suggestion for a new vegan for Christmas dinner.

  • Tigerheartwarrior says:

    I’m vegitarian so I …
    I’m vegitarian so I didnt have any turkey either but my dinner was SWEET.

  • justwant2laugh says:

    wow the end result …
    wow the end result looked so great and yummy! see my channel to see what I had on my thanksgiving plate…next year I’ll do tofurky.

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