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How many people serve baked Macaroni and Cheese at Thanksgiving dinner?

I never heard this before until someone mentioned how they couldn’t wait for it, then someone else entirely asked me if I had a good recipe for my dinners, and of course, never heard of it! OUr family saves mac and cheese for the summer BBQ Holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th! So who has this side dish during Thanksgiving?!?

ME,ME,ME….I just love homemade mac&cheese..see it can’t be out of no box it has to be homemade with three cheeses and let it bake for about a hour and a’s truly the best and I make it every year and folks looks forward to it,,

I am announcing that I am pregnant to my family on Thanksgiving (not at dinner). Any good fun, creative ideas?

We are announcing to my family when we visit on Thanksgiving night for pie.

You should cut out a small, extra slice of pie. One for yourself, one for the baby. Put them on seperate plates and sit down with them. When someone asks, tell them that it’s one for you, one for the baby.

Then, let it roll from there.

😀 Good luck!

What are some of the things you think should be included in a Thanksgiving dinner?

You can let me know about any appetizers, main dishes, etc that you think should be included or some of your favorite recipes during thanksgiving. This will be my first time making a thanksgiving meal for my family on my own and I don’t want to miss anything, so PLEASE let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Cajun deviled eggs
Cherry tomatoes filled with ham salad
Lil’ Smokies sausages in BBQ sauce (crockpot)
Pumpkin bread

Dressing / Stuffing
Mashed potatoes & gravy
Dinner Rolls
Corn Casserole
Green bean Casserole

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Buttermilk Pie
Apple Pie
Chocolate Cake
Lemon Cake

I need recipe ideas for a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner.?

Recipes may include fish dishes. vegan/vegetarian/fish/soy/some dairy

Mock Thai Fish Cakes – Vegetarian Bean Cakes
Recipe #262401
I had to post this recipe as it is my DD’s favourite lunch food. Serve with a salad and sweet chilli sauce. Delicious. I do not use the whole amount of red curry paste or I substitute (which is what we prefer) with a Kikkomans sweet soy, lime and ginger marinade.
by Wendys Kitchen | Edit…My Notes

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4 servings 15 min 10 min prep
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440 g cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 red onion, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh coriander (cilantro)
2 teaspoons fresh mint leaves
1/2 teaspoon lime rind
2 teaspoons red curry paste
1/4 cup spelt flour

Not the one? See other Mock Thai Fish Cakes – Vegetarian Bean Cakes Recipes
< 15 mins Appetizers
Beans Appetizers
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Mix all ingredients except flour together in a bowl.
Using a hand blender, blend until well mixed.
Add flour and mix well. Should have a not too wet consistency otherwise add a bit more flour.
Heat a pan and add a little peanut oil or grapeseed oil.
Forming little patties fry on each side until golden.

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Thanksgiving Day Dinner Recipes : Crushing Corn Flakes for Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Learn how to crush corn flakes for whipped sweet potatoes, a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner recipe, in this free cooking video.

Expert: Lori Schneider
Bio: Lori Schneider is a chef and owner of Figs Catering in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah

Duration : 0:1:11

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Set your table and set the mood for your Thanksgiving Dinner with this lovely floral Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece.

This natural cornucopia is filled with a profusion of autumn-hued blooms, including Sunflowers, Asiatic Lilies, and Roses, and then accented with flowers in a medley of seasonal accents such as Wheat Stems and Huckleberry. The flowers will arrive spilling forth from the cornucopia, symbolizing nature's abundance.

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