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Does it seem like everybody is decorating for christmas early this year?

To me it seems like everybody is 10x more excited and started decorating right after thanksgiving. Does anybody else agree?

I think those of us in SoCal are decorating early because we just went through horrific fires. Christmas reminds us to be generous to those who lost their homes and to be thankful that we have homes to decorate.

Do you cook dressing for Thanksgiving dinner?Give me your recipe for great dressing or stuffing?

I am a wonderful cook!!1 I have found that some people actually have no clue when it comes to COOKING good food.I was curious to see what kind of "success or mess" you can come up with.

baby you cook the dressing, i don’t know how to, so maybe you can teach me

Any vegetarian ideas for Thanksgiving dinner?

*lots of stuffing and veggie kabobs*

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Recipes : Add Chicken Stock to Turkey Stuffing

Learn how to add chicken stock to turkey stuffing, a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner recipe, in this free cooking video.

Expert: Lori Schneider
Bio: Lori Schneider is a chef and owner of Figs Catering in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah

Duration : 0:2:11

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Set your table and set the mood for your Thanksgiving Dinner with this lovely floral Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece.

This natural cornucopia is filled with a profusion of autumn-hued blooms, including Sunflowers, Asiatic Lilies, and Roses, and then accented with flowers in a medley of seasonal accents such as Wheat Stems and Huckleberry. The flowers will arrive spilling forth from the cornucopia, symbolizing nature's abundance.

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