Thanksgiving turkey recipe: How to roast a turkey

Thanksgiving turkey recipe: How to roast a turkey

Roasting a tender, juicy, delicious turkey for your holiday feast is a skill everyone appreciates. Yet too often, polite guests are offering their admiration while choking on a piece of meat with the consistency of a wallet. Scott Cutaneo, who trained with the greats – Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse and Michel Guerard -; is the chef-proprietor of the four-diamond (AAA) Le Petit Chateau in tony Bernardsville, N.J. Here’s his simple recipe for how to roast a turkey.

Step-by-step guide to roasting turkey:
1. Add onions, celery and carrots to bottom of roasting pan, and then sprinkle a few sprigs of thyme over the vegetables. (You could put a rack on the bottom of the turkey, but we like to use different vegetable and herbal aromatics as a base for the turkey. It also adds flavor to the broth that is made by adding water to produce a great sauce or jus.)

2. Place the turkey on top of the vegetables.

3. Truss the turkey by wrapping the string around the back, crisscrossing and wrapping it twice around the legs, and then tying it under the neck.

4. Tuck the wings under the body of the turkey. (Trussing and tucking in the wings keeps everything tight to the body of the bird, which produces a more evenly cooked bird.)

5. Brush the turkey with the oil and butter mix. (This enables the salt and pepper to adhere to the skin, and it also helps keep the turkey moist, tender and tasty.)

6. Sprinkle on salt and pepper.

7. Add two inches of water on the bottom to the roasting pan.

8. For a 12 to 14 pound turkey, place in a 375 degree, preheated oven for a total of approximately three hours.

9. After roasting the turkey for hour and a half, take the turkey out of the oven to see how the cooking process is going. To achieve a more golden brown, baste with some of the broth that has been pooling on the bottom from the stock of turkey and the vegetables. (It’s important not to baste your turkey too much. You lose oven heat while you’re basting, and it really doesn’t add flavor to the meat — or make it more tender.) You just want to make sure the skin is golden brown.

10. Put the bird back into the oven.

11. After roasting at 375 degrees for another hour and a half, take it out of the oven and check the turkey’s temperature. (Take the temperature at the back of the breast, and insert the thermometer all the way in, making sure it isnt touching a bone, until the temperature reading stabilizes.) The ultimate goal is 165 degrees, but we want to remove the turkey from the oven sooner than that — at around 155 degrees — because all poultry will continue to cook when it’s removed from the oven. You don’t want an overcooked bird!

12. Remove the roasted turkey from the oven and cover with aluminum foil so it doesnt lose its heat, and continues to cook.

13. Let your bird rest for around 45 minutes before serving and get ready to savor a perfectly cooked, tender, juicy, moist and delicious roasted turkey!

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    What the hell..

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  • lovegoddess49 says:

    This man just …
    This man just finished baking a delicious turkey and these insensitive are on here arguing about and food rotting in the body. What’s the freaking point. You are killing people’s appetite.

  • leslieg1979 says:

    I made this today …
    I made this today and did it EXACTLY like he said. The temp on mine after 3 hours was 165 and it was perfect! My friend asked me for my recipe. The turkey was moist and tender and the outside was crisp and delicious! I will be using this recipe from now on! 🙂

  • FAYCHI69 says:

    Scotty …who gave …
    Scotty …who gave ya the shiner…I hope it was not the bird fighting for his life….lol…kidding aside…thank you for the demo.

  • rayn223 says:

    This worked great …
    This worked great Turkey turned out awesome. I had to Brine w salt and Brown sugar in pot and everything else was the same only took about two hours to cook though.

  • bobbykhorasani says:

    ‘the extremities of …
    ‘the extremities of the turkey don’t fray away and burn’

  • karabinas says:


  • 19804273 says:

    gwapo chift
    gwapo chift

  • tylersworldofawesome says:

    at about 2:00 in he …
    at about 2:00 in he says something about a 50% oil and 50% butter, what kind of oil, or does it matter?

  • nishi7cool says:

    omg im gonna need a …
    omg im gonna need a tempreture thingggy this xmas…. im only 14 n mi mom wants me to make a 3 recipes not including the turkey! 🙁

  • zibabanafshe says:

    Are the carrots and …
    Are the carrots and the stuff under the turkey eatable?

  • thunderer15 says:

    its very irritating …
    its very irritating at how he keep saying bird this bird that it is FOOD not a bird anymore

  • gordyskates says:

    True. Everything we …
    True. Everything we eat, regardless whether it’s vegetables or meat, are already dead, and WILL rot eventually. No food is 100% digested, that’s what feces are for. Just another crazed vegeterian pushing belief making other vegeterians look bad.

  • gordyskates says:

    Even vegetables, …
    Even vegetables, after they’re cut, start to die. They are also rotting, that’s the reason we stuff out.

    Nothing is ever really fully digested, that’s the whole reason animals pass motion.

  • MadamGeek says:

    I cut the little …
    I cut the little flap of skin above the hole, and taking a small bit of butter [low fat,low cal] and rubbing it under the skin made it veeeery juicy.I also cut up fresh vegetables [carrots and celery] and half an onion and stacked it loosely inside so it could cook through, with some butter. Also using extra virgin olive oil to coat it, and I mean everywhere.o_o, and some choice seasonings. Then 30 min before it was done, I glazed it with my honey-dijon sauce. My turkey was picked clean. lol.

  • 13melodias says:

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    hdikvhn 1669 vyg

  • AnglosEvanDaratar says:

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    dumb fuck

  • Ksesikotheite says:

    does it say how to …
    does it say how to roast a Turk too? its very helpfull.

  • 9aspengold5 says:

    less moist and …
    less moist and tasty.

  • BayesianMan says:

    I eat Turkey once …
    I eat Turkey once per year for Thanksgiving since it is tradition; but, I HATE it!!! I just can’t stand the taste of the stuff. If anyone knows of a good Turkey recipe that might ease my pain, let me know before next Thanksgiving. Thanks.

  • patricknobel says:

    that was funny, how …
    that was funny, how do u check ur temperature? before getting into the oven or after u get out LOL

  • jvap1 says:

    What happens if you …
    What happens if you don’t brine the turkey?

  • BLUEtrafficLIGHT says:

    ARE’S IS in the …
    ARE’S IS in the oven NOW

  • 31003emo says:

    to rebel guy down …
    to rebel guy down there…meat doesn’t rot in your stomach…it gets broke down by amino acids into nutrients dumbass! yes it may take longer to pass into your small intestines..but it doesn’t sit there and rot…lol . it passes like all other food.. my friend… were ill informed! lmao

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