Thanksgiving Dinner Part 1, Holiday Recipes

Max and Rebecca share tips and recipe twists to liven up your Thanksgiving menu. They’re cooking turkey, a stuffing stand-in adapted from Bon Appetit & Molly Wizenberg of Orangette, and more. 


Working Class Foodies is a weekly show on the Hungry Nation network with great food, organic recipes, and affordable cooking tips.


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25 Responses to “Thanksgiving Dinner Part 1, Holiday Recipes”

  • peach9412 says:

    i love thanks …
    i love thanks giving too im full i ate alot

  • hiroinus1revival says:

    I love Thanks …
    I love Thanks Giving!

  • hiroinus1revival says:

    LOL 🙂
    LOL 🙂

  • TheFoodReport says:

    Thanksgiving… …

  • maimaimia1 says:

    subscribed! love …
    subscribed! love the show 🙂

  • Jaieliza says:


  • ElPasoTV says:

    how cute….snoooz
    how cute….snoooz

  • martin6141990 says:

    Omg i want to eat …
    Omg i want to eat my computer! LOL
    But really…now i have some great ideas for thanksgiving…i cant wait =D

  • mle011 says:

    Oh my gosh, I think …
    Oh my gosh, I think I’m in love! This channel is wonderful, I want to make everything you mentioned!!

    I might have to settle for just 2 dishes….the kale/squash dish and the cranberry sauce. Mmmm!

  • roseeatsbabies says:

    that turkey looks …
    that turkey looks sooo gooooood

  • limalicious says:

    Well, except for …
    Well, except for the fact that my family wouldn’t touch brussel sprouts, and I’ll only eat baby brussels…

  • limalicious says:

    The gross kale come …
    The gross kale come back to haunt me. x.x

    But other than that, everything sounds so good!

  • nagaempress says:

    @AngieeBabyy81 okey …
    @AngieeBabyy81 okey make me drool why dont you? I never thought of the maple syrup!

  • AngieeBabyy81 says:

    You could also put …
    You could also put bacon on top of the turkey and paint the turkey with maple syrup to bring a robustness and holiday-tweak to the turkey.

  • marisotoserna says:

    i can’t get over …
    i can’t get over how pretty Rebecca is!
    all of these recipes ROCK! can’t wait to try some! my family makes a MIX of MEXICAN and classic AMERICAN! but my favorite meal is THE HAM!!!!! :D! my mouth is watering!

  • ejoelleduval says:

    I make egg noodles, …
    I make egg noodles, for the broth I use a cup of the turkey juice with the internal organs of the turkey plus another cup and a half of chicken stock. I add 1/4 maple syrup and crack peppercorns, about 1/4 tablespoon. chop up celery and mushrooms, and it is a simple dish with a sweet twist.

  • AlliEqualsMusic says:

    i do not like …
    i do not like thanksgiving turkey. lol,

  • missiworld says:

    My mum always makes …
    My mum always makes a delicious potato casserole with ground up corn flakes and butter on the top.

  • MindGrapesful says:

    I did the turkey …
    I did the turkey meatloaf with marmalade glaze by real simple last year. it was good, but thanksgiving just wasn’t the same.

  • sonsetserenity says:

    Love the show you …
    Love the show you guys are inspiring me to cook! turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy are my fav during thanksgiving. And i have just found out I actually love sweet potatoes (cook and add butter yum!) keep the amazing shows coming please!

  • wcfoodies says:

    Follow us on …
    Follow us on twitter and send a DM with your address and we will mail you a sticker!

  • modelmanjohn says:

    How come Humphrey …
    How come Humphrey doesn’t get any love in these episodes? Doesn’t the poor little guy deserve a little piece of Turkey? 🙁

  • lulumoosh says:

    Love max’s new look …
    Love max’s new look =)
    annnnd I want to have a thanksgiving now even though I’m from aust…ahh yummy food ideas!

  • hkm424 says:

    love ur show! we …
    love ur show! we have a tradition we always through in a odd side dish with the typical thanksgiving fair, 1 yr it was Mexican cornbread.. we have done fried rice or some sorta pasta just something to keep ppl guessing from yr to yr!

  • MyKalliope says:


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